Am I Dreaming?

Find out if you're dreaming with the am I dreaming quiz

. Think you might be dreaming? Not sure what's reality and what's a dream anymore? Take the am I dreaming quiz and find out if you're awake or asleep.

Am I Dreaming? Find out with the short, accurate Am I Dreaming quiz.:

1. Pinch yourself, does it hurt?
a)  Ouch! Yeah it hurts.
b)  Nope, don't feel anything.
c)  Only after I say it first.
d)  Yes, but not to me.

2. Are you still with me, or did that wake you up?
a)  I'm still here.
b)  It woke me up.
c) can I answer that.
d)  The absurdity of that question was lost on me

3. Does anything seem "out of the ordinary?"
a)  There's all kinds of weird monsters.
b)  Something nearly impossible just happened.
c)  No, but I can't believe my luck.
d)  Same old boring life.
e)  I don't have any memory of going to bed.

4. Are you currently sleeping?
a)  Yes.
b)  Nope.
c)  How do I know?
d)  If I'm dreaming I wouldn't know.

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